Deconstructing Derrida

A new videOpera on Jacques Derrida's book "Dissemination."

This first presentation of Guillermo Silveira's in progress videOpera, 
in collaboration with artist Jennifer Cho, is a musical interpretation 
of Dissemination's first five parts on Plato's Pharmacy.

Scored for performer, baritone, piano, organ, 3 videos and audio tape, 
"Deconstructing Derrida," shows two postmodern artists recreating a
book and deconstructing their own artistic ideas.

The first part of "Deconstructing Derrida" was presented at 
Sumner Museum and Archives, Washington, D.C. on October 7th, 1998.

Jennifer Cho, self portrait

Books that inspired "Deconstructing Derrida"

Speech and Phenomena