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Second call to sponsors for Web Site Story

2004-5 Web Site Story, A VideOpera Commissioning Consortium.
Libretto and music by Guillermo Silveira 

Dear Art Lovers,

After testing in many chamber music concerts few songs of 
Web Site Story, a Gay VideOpera featuring the crazy life 
of imaginary people, I had a talk with the sponsors and 
we decided to invite more art lovers to participate in 
the commission of a big production of Web Site Story.

Its musical language extremely dynamic, engaging, lyrical, 
and appropriate to all audiences, makes of Web Site Story 
a pop art opera musical.

A full orchestra score, along with video production, makes 
the opera a challenging project; and we decided to present 
the piece to opera houses.

I would also like to present a small premier performances 
of Web Site Story in the spring of 2005. 

Please read the details, and enjoy the audio samples of 
music and arias of Web Site Story you may request.

The opera includes eight soloists, choir and chamber orchestra, 
scored in 2 acts, ca. 45 minutes per act.

A per-participant song commission fee goes from $500 to $3,000.
Engraving, printing, publishing, packaging, and mailing is free.
Number of sponsors up today: (7)


Each participating commissioner receives the following 
published performance materials:
    1 spiral bound score (8 ½ x 11) a piano reduction of score, 
         (for soloist rehearsal and performance)
    an invitation to a chamber music premier of the aria,
    a recording available after performance.

All music is printed on Hammer-mill 70# “cream” (off-white).


Premier performances 
Names of all commissioning participants will be printed in 
the published music score (Guillermo Silveira Copyright 2005), 
and will be included in all program notes and press.

All participants have the right to record the new work.

January, 2005 – Signing Agreement and production fee.
May 1st, 2005 – Score will be mailed to sponsors.
Memorial weekend, 2005 - Chamber opera world premier version, 
at Epworth, Rehoboth Beach.


If you are interested in participating as a co-commissioner 
and or presenter, or if you have any questions about the consortium, 
please email me at:
or call me at: 302-644-7702

If there are performers you think might be interested in hearing
about the consortium – including musicians from other countries 
please send them a link to this page.

Our participation in a consortium helps to accomplish several 
goals that are beneficial for all: 

1) it helps me, as a full-time composer, to write new music 
without depending solely on one organization to come up 
with commission/production fees; 

2) it helps you by contributing new music to the operatic 
repertoire while spreading out the costs among participants, 
thus making the commissioning of a new work economically 

3) it's rewarding to put together a project like this, 
knowing that the newly-created music would not exist 
without all of us working together.  

As the last song of Web Site Story sings:

There is nothing but beauty,
peace, calm, and pleasure...

For references: 

You may like to contact the Web Site Story sponsors for references  
on Web Site Story development, for sponsors names and addresses e-mail

Many thanks,

Guillermo Silveira, composer