Egyptian containers: Unique Designed
Where to buy "Thoughts": Where "thoughts" was created?

"Thoughts",   Guillermo   Silveira's   Perfume

"Thoughts", a conceptual art perfume by Guillermo Silveira
"Thoughts", a conceptual art perfume that carries in its name 
and the shape of its containers [a "Cosmic Egg" like Egyptian 
bottle and a unique designed fabric bag], the idea of pondering, 
shearing and motivating thoughts. 
The fabric bag created by Scott Spahr, was specially designed 
to contain and protect your "thoughts", carrying them freely 
taking them with you.
The Egyptian container reminds us of ancestral cultures, eternity, 
and life cycles. Its "Cosmic Egg" shape, evokes a "Total Solar 
Eclipse" that made ancestral cultures to dream of the Phoenix bird 
and new eras for mankind, really gives a sence of spatial time.
Shearing "thoughts", is a wonderful way to enjoy life.
Guillermo Silveira
You can find "thoughts" at "Spahr", 
58 Baltimore Avenue, Rehoboth Beach, 
DE, 19971 (302) 226-3804 and 
at Superna's store on 1st Street, Rehoboth Beach.


Egyptian bottle and perfume,
inside a unique designed Spahr's fabric container        $30.-
The neck less unique Spahr's fabric designed container 
with the perfume inside                                  $20.-

"G Thoughts" a summer fragrance
Egyptian bottle and perfume,
inside Spahr's unique fabric designed container          $35.-
The neck less unique fabric designed container
with perfume inside                                      $25.-