Folk Music from Brazil and Argentina in the USA

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3 recitals by composer, concert pianist, singer, 
and scholar Guillermo Silveira

The first recital will take place on Friday October 
31st at 7PM, at the Brazilian American Cultural Institute 
Auditorium; and the other two noon recitals will be 
presented at The Great Hall of the Summer Museum and 
Archives, located at 1201 17th Street, NW, DC, at 12 PM 
on Thursday November 13th and Wednesday December 3rd 2003. 

The Brazilian-American Cultural Institute (BACI),  located 
in brand new space at 4719 Wisconsin Avenue, Washington, DC 
20016-4609, has a multi-purpose cultural space that serves 
as art gallery, concert lecture hall, and screening room. 
It has a Steinway grand piano, a large video screen system, 
and high-quality sound equipment. 

These two assets are excellent for this three nice folk 
cultural activities, including a popular concert lecture 
recital, using video interaction. These performances will 
be extended to other communities nationwide through BACI's 
traveling program. []

The program includes Brazilian and Argentine folk music 
recognized popularly in the USA and around the world. 
Music from Brazil including authors like Antonio Carlos 
Jobin, Vinicius De Moraes, Joao Gilberto; and Argentines 
like Carlos Gardel, Bocha Gallo, Mariano Mores, and 
Eduardo Silveira. 

The lecture and interpretation of the songs has emphasis 
on the folk traditional songs that influenced popular 
writers and identify the roots of each nations melting pot.

The Influence of African, European and Asian cultures in 
the folk music of Brazil and Argentina is more than eloquent, 
as well as the native South American roots.

Guillermo Silveira will display also visual and documents 
material about Argentine tango, this articles, scores and 
studies are known at the scholastic and musicological level.


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