Michelangelo's David Birthday Concert

Epworth United Methodist Church

Saturday September 4th, 7PM


Guimel, The Angel.
                       For percussion and piano


King David's Psalm 140
                       For voice and piano

On David's body
                       Body music art performance

Original Music by Guillermo Silveira

Epworth United Methodist Church
Baltimore Avenue ~ Rehoboth Beach ~ Delaware

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Michelangelo was a citizen of the city state of Firenze (Florence). The national state of Italy is very young, and in the time the statue was made (between 1501 and 1504), power resided with individual cities. Firenze was surrounded by enemies that much stronger and more numerous than the city was. When the statue of David was placed on the square in front of the city hall (where you can now find a copy), the people of Firenze immediately identified with him, as a cunning victor over superior enemies. To them, David was a symbol representing fortezza and ira, strength and anger. The statue had (intended) political connotations for the city state that had recently cast of the ruling of the Medici family. Note how David's character traits, are considered more important than his victory over Goliath, which is why Michelangelo depicted him before the battle, strong-willed and ready to fight. 

Nothing better than playing with time to understand that is a fiction.
"Life is always the same, it always changes..." Guillermo Silveira.