The Cosmic Egg, a Musical Call Box

The Cosmic Egg, a Musical Call Box, is related to 
two concepts that we may easily find in our city: 

a.-  PLAY, music and performance, since the Cosmic 
Egg Musical Call Box is a percussion instrument 
to be play and touch by people; and also 

b.- Individuals, like Benjamin Banneker (1731-1806) 
working in the science of astronomy [the cosmic egg 
refers to the total solar eclipse] subject we find 
in many buildings of the DC area. 

As well as the antique symbols of the sun, the 
Phoenix egg, and the black sun, that appears in so 
many cultures [and in so many operas like Aida, 
Montezuma, The Magic Flute and others], this cosmic 
egg may be recognized by several community groups. 

This sculpture also relates to the Cosmic Egg I 
presented in Art-O-Matic 2000, the egg that gave birth 
to, [creating together with so many DC children, teachers 
and parents], the Percussion Puppets and their children 
performances. [see attached picture] 

It's included in the concept of the sculpture that people 
may as well doodle and scratch the Cosmic Egg, write on it, 
spray paint it, place stickers on it, flip it, hit it, PLAY 
with it, and ponder. 

The model: 

The sculpture reads:  PLAY! MUSIC, FLIP ME OVER! 

These words invite DC walkers to play with the sculpture 
and have a little performing art experience refreshing 
their District time with music. 

The model shows the out side of the musical sculpture, 

a.- the spheric cosmic egg [a bright solar eclipse shaped 
cosmic egg]; and 

b.- a set of six chimes to be attached inside the hallow sphere 
[see drawing], with 20 loosed relatively small jingling bells 
[you'll find inside a small glass jar] to be place inside also, 
to create a maraca sound like effect, and hit the chimes. 

This musical sculpture combines the sounds of a maraca, 
jingle bells and chimes playing a brief "cosmic" random tune 
in a mayor tone. 

The letter G is Guillermo Silveira's signature. 

Inside drawing: