Guillermo Silveira's Musical Compositions
Biodata and Selected Performances
Commissioning Guillermo Silveira's Music
To Commission Music and Schedule of Fees
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Guillermo Silveira performing his own music

Performing piano, harpsichord and/or organ as a soloist. 


   * Piano music from 1968 to 1998
     Includes music from his early compositions to the last keyboard work. 

   * Master pieces for keyboard
     Includes preludes, studios, paradoxes and electronic music with piano.

   * Music for harpsichord

   * Music for Organ

   * Music for electronic keyboard

As a Lyric Baritone


   * Song Cycles

   * Cantatas

   * VideOperas 

Silveira uses Bel Canto, Roy Hart's and other contemporary
vocal techniques. [see catalog]

As a Multimedia Performer


   * Sonorizations

   * Infinite Cantata

   * VideOperas

For collaboration done with other artists see catalog.

The fee schedule includes:

* round trip transportation from Washington, D.C. USA

* artisitic and technical fees

* lodging and personnel if needed.

All fees consider:

* a minumum of one set-up day

* a maximum of three performances

* Add 20% per accompanist and 80% for each performer needed 
  if contacted by composer.

Turing assistance available for presenters.


Silveira presents during residency workshops the creative process of 
his music [or a new piece in progress] and its relation with other 
compositions, environments, societies, philosophies and arts.

Workshops include:

* Training in performing or conducting his music. 

* Teaching vocal and instrumental techniques to perform contemporary

* Creating new sounds.

* Audience interaction and participation with emphasis on Silveira's 
  Sonorizations and environmental performances such as Musical 

* Special projects such as Music Theater, VideOpera, Interart works,
  InternetArtMusic, Chamber Music, Chamber Opera, Choreographic works.

Lectures of Silveira's music in Spanish, English, French, Italian, 
or Portuguese.

See Lecture Recitals at Guillermo Silveira's Musical Compositions

For booking or more information contact:

Guillermo Silveira
700 Stoney Brook Circle #701
Rehoboth Beach, DE, 19971
United States of America