Artistic Statement

I started writing music when I was a child. Today my 
musical compositions range from solo instruments to 
symphony orchestra, from cantata to opera and musical, 
from primitive music instruments and concrete sounds 
to computer electronic music. I organized my work 
following the ramifications of my creative process 
which I call Labyrinth of Music. 

I used computers not only to write music, but also for 
many video inter-art collaborations with leading 
writers, visual artists, and musicians. Computers are 
a functional extension of our memory, and they help us 
in the development and understanding of musical 

The development of my compositions can be followed 
through a small piano piece that becomes a piano 
concerto [ex: “Argentina Fantástica”], 
or a song that leads to the creation of a cantata 
[ex: “La ronda del Angelito”], or an opera 
[ex: “Please, Call me... Jackie”]. 

Also my chamber music inspired in Borges literature 
is developing now into a symphonic work: "After Borges." 

The two concepts that my music expresses are infinity 
and eternity, infinity as a universal concept of space, 
and eternity as a universal concept of time. 

My labyrinth of music travels with the listener to 
understand these amazing concepts. 

Guillermo Silveira, composer